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Management 101

I try to blog regularly; here you can find my latest writings about payments, banking, and management.

How far is Mexico from Turkey?

Well, it is so far, there is not even a direct flight yet. In spite of the fact that Turkish Airlines brags about flying more countries than

Apple Pays or not?

Was September 9, 2014 a good day for payment systems? Just as everybody was saying digital wallets are dead in the US, Apple comes with this announcement

It is the mobile stupid!!!!

Bill Clinton won his first elections by saying it is the economy stupid. The message was clear: If you are better off financially, all falls in place and

HCE is a reality

BBVA Wallet to be extended from Spain to the U.S., Mexico and Chile BBVA and Visa Launch First Commercial Solution for cloud-based mobile payments BBVA is the

Say Good Bye to Telco Wallets

About a month ago, T-Mobile launched a wallet with a prepaid card in the US. (link) And this week in Barcelona (February 2014) we will hear many